Message Of President


Message of President:


All religious scholars think that "Services of  Humanity" means:

1.     To make things useful for every living thing present in this world , giving them proper security by every means and sources.

2.     Approaching the farmers and the people connected with agricultural and provide them the latest technology and the research information in the fields of agriculture for the betterment of farmers/agriculturists.

3.     Giving education to those people who are not able to pay fees.

4.     Giving cultural, religious and professional education to the needies free of cost.

5.     Starting serve humanity by different ways is our passion.

6.     To take up effective, reasonable and lawful steps for the eradication of social evils such as dowry system, child marriage, child labor, wastage of money in various functions and use of intoxicated drugs/ smoking etc.

To run this system properly “Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani Welfare Trust“established. Allah gives us strength and helps us by different ways to make this way easy

(Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani)

Maulana Muhammad khan Sherani Welfare Trust