Future Projects

Extremism are substantial problems for Pakistan, but there is another significant problem facing the country – poverty – and it’s a problem that is causing famine, death and hunger in the Thar Desert region.
There are many problems in Thar like water plantation, medical, education and food. As we running the welfare trust our purpose is to help others, we are going to build  tube wells, pools and water plantation system for drinking. We are going to facilitate those people who are far from water we make a system for them through which they can easily get water and live their life easily. Every single life is important and the continued increase in casualties from this avoidable famine is tragic. Effective and well-thought-out public policy is the key to making sure people in the region have the food, water and healthcare they need to survive. We will introduce our ambulance services. These ambulances start from Islamabad and then they start moving towards other cities. Some of projects are given below:

1. Orphan's Scholarship Program

2. Ramadan Dastarkhwan

3. School and Hostel for Orphans

4. Water Plantation System In Backward Areas

 5. Ambulance Services All Over Pakistan

6. Free Medical Camp All Over Pakistan

 7. Hospital for Underprivileged People




1Orphan's Scholarship Program

Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani Welfare Trust believe that many of our bright students are buried in various life circumstances that hinder them from reaching their full potential, and we would like to help. We are offering financial aid to students who come from a parentless, and to those who are single-parent households for any educational purpose such as tuition fee, student textbooks, or any required equipment. We would like to give you a chance for your educational right because in this rapidly changing world, education is the key that unlocks life’s great opportunities.

Our aim is not to just educate but believing in a strong bond with the students. We owe our success to your cooperation and your understanding of our ideology and believing in it.

 From a long time we had this vision in our minds to educate orphan children who couldn't afford to be educated. By the grace of Almighty Allah our prayers were answered and with your cooperation and Almighty Allah's mercy upon us we somehow managed to ensure some admissions under Orphan's Scholarship Program.







2. Ramadan Dastarkhwan

Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani Welfare Trust has been organizing Ramadan Dastarkhwan for Iftar Dinner of poor and deserving people. Hundreds of people break their fast at Ramadan Dastarkhwan followed by Dinner for the whole month. This Iftar is for travelers, students and general people at different places of the Baluchistan’s district. We have taken certain measures to enhance better food during the holy month of Ramazan besides arranging Iftar at different places of Baluchistan.


We will set up a Ramzan Dastarkhwan at Baluchistan where the needy and poor are fed Iftari every day during Ramzan Mubarak. Although this is a very small contribution, it is our small way of removing the fear of uncertainty for the poor who often do not know whether they will have a meal to eat next or not. With our service, they know that there is always a place where they can eat after fasting a day.


We are pleased to say each person is served with respect and dignity and it is our highest honor to serve them.






3. School and Hostel for Orphans

Schooling is the one experience that most children worldwide have in common and most common by means which societies prepare their young for the future. We are going to open school and technical institute in Islamabad for orphans.

We give them religious, social and science education to orphan childrens. Orphan children belong from different areas also get their education through this institute, living in hostel and give food facilities to these children.





4. Water Plantation System In Backward Areas

 In Pakistan, rural area does not have access to water. The drinking water crises in Pakistan cities reached explosive proportions.

Water is essential prerequisite for development and growth.

Our water plantation project starts from "Thar" and then in backward areas of all over Pakistan.





5. Ambulance Services All Over Pakistan

We are going to introduce ambulance services in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. This is our 24 hours service in different areas. Then it will be further introduce all over Pakistan cities. These ambulance services are especially for poor and needy people.



6. Free Medical Camp All Over Pakistan

Free medical camps are setup with the aim to bring awareness among the population of the country who have no access to basic health care services or knowledge about the disease they are suffering from. So medical camp provide free medical advice medicine to the unfortunate people.

These camps make sure people are getting the health care at the right time.  Importance of free medical camp: Important factors like age, lifestyle, family background and risks are taken in to account. Medical camps are conducted by health professionals to serve intervention amongst the underprivileged community. Health examinations and test at the early stages of the illness can help to cure. One can live longer and healthier only when the individual gets the right kind of health checkup, screenings and treatment clinics.

Free medical camps are for the population who earn meager income and cannot afford expensive health care services offered by hospitals and clinics. MMKS wants to continue this effort by setting up free medical camps in every district of Pakistan for needy people so that this aspect of service to humanity can be sustained. In near future, MMKS is going to conduct free medical camp in underprivileged area of Islamabad soon.




7. Hospital for Underprivileged People

In backward areas of Pakistan, people cannot afford medical treatment or even cannot access the hospital. Our wish is to build hospitals for such poor and needy people where they can be completely cured. They have free medical checkup, free medical tests or free of cost medicines can be provided.

In continuing of this project, MMKS Welfare Trust has started setting up free medical camps in different backward districts of Pakistan, the need for a hospital was also felt so that if any patients with long chronic illness were referred to our hospital. We wish  to build hospital in Islamabad and provide free medical checkup, tests, and medicines to underprivileged people.