Aims & Objectives

To be establishing educational institution, residential institution and boarding house for the help of needies and orphans.

To be establishing institutions for human rights, Woman rights and children rights.

To be organize medical health care centers and organize medicine distribution camps among the poor’s and needy peoples of urban and rural areas all level.

To be organize equivalency programmed through open learning system throughout the country.

To be upliftment of the peoples and raise their legal demands and fundamental right as provided in the constitution of Pakistan.

Establishing new dispensaries, hospital and camps for the help of needies and people of backward areas of Pakistan.

To take up effective, reasonable and lawful steps for the eradication of social evils such as dowry system, child marriage, child labor, wastage of money in various functions and use of intoxicated drugs/ smoking etc.

To make adequate arrangements to start the rehabilitation centers and other schemes/projects for destitute, widows, old men and women, the poor’s, beggars, physically and mentally handicapped persons, blinds, deaf, dumb, prisoner and the allied.

To help the poor’s and indigent persons in marriage of their daughters and son by way of cash donations or otherwise and to distribute cloths, foods, and other necessaries of daily life among the poor’s, orphans and other indigent persons.

To render services to the women, children’s & youth of the country for their actual moral, social and legal rights.

To establish institutions for the handicapped, blinds, deaf, dumb, and other needy peoples to provide them the training of household industries, semi-skilled jobs and also provide them hostels, medical-aid cloths, food, transportation and financial assistance for new business.

To be providing pure, filtered and clean water through solar tube well in all backward areas of Pakistan.

Bringing the advancement and improvement in transportation system by using of technology.

Bringing the advancement and improvement in ambulance services by using of technology and latest equipment’s.